Final Fantasy XVI Localization Being Handled By Koji Fox, Beloved Final Fantasy XIV Translator

During the latest Final Fantasy XIV Producer Live Letter, the staff announced that Koji Fox, a translator for their team, has been working on the localization for the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. This news has been received quite well due to how qualitative the Final Fantasy XIV localization is, so I believe it’s safe to say we’re in good hands on that front. In addition, Fox is also a leading lore developer for Final Fantasy XIV, meaning he is intricately and heavily involved in that title’s developments.

Hopefully, we will receive a dedicated Final Fantasy XVI information stream sooner rather than later, as that game has been notably absent since its initial unveiling. Regardless, all we can currently do now is wait and have faith that this new mainline entry will live up to the hype.

In December last year, producer Naoki Yoshida announced that Final Fantasy XVI has been delayed by roughly half a year due to pandemic complications.

Staff working from home has made communication more of an arduous process, leading to delayed responses. Most of 2021 was spent addressing these issues, and the Final Fantasy XVI staff team aims to optimize the game as much as possible. The graphic quality, combat mechanics, cutscenes, and more will be the main focused points.

Lastly, Yoshida stated that the current plan is to provide new information for the title in Spring 2022.

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