Final Fantasy XVI In Final Stages of Development; Aims To Capture Fans Who Have Drifted Away From Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XVI director Naoki Yoshida has provided a comment within the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Uniqlo magazine stating that Final Fantasy XVI is now in its final stages of development. Further, he believes the story to be fleshed out and that he hopes that this experience will reignite the passion old fans used to have for this series. He also states that this is a game for those who have realized reality isn’t kind to you, setting the title’s bleak tone.

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts community translator provided a translation of Yoshida’s comments below:

Staff working from home has made communication more of an arduous process, leading to delayed responses. Most of 2021 was spent addressing these issues, and the Final Fantasy XVI staff team aims to optimize the game as much as possible. The graphic quality, combat mechanics, cutscenes, and more will be the main focused points.

Lastly, Yoshida stated that the current plan is to provide new information for the title in Spring 2022.

Final Fantasy XVI is releasing for PlayStation 5 at a currently undisclosed time.

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