Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen DLC Out Today; The Rising Tide Launching Spring 2024

Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen DLC Out Today; The Rising Tide Launching Spring 2024

During The Game Awards 2023, Square Enix shared new details on the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI DLC content. The first DLC content, Echoes of the Fallen, is out today.

Additionally, the second piece of DLC, The Rising Tide, will launch in Spring 2024. A bundle for both DLC will be available to purchase for a discount. We will update you all on the exact pricing.

Echoes of the Fallen is described as the following:

“…unlocks a whole new story, battles, weapons, accessories, level cap and more. For players who have completed the required quests, this new adventure begins before the base game’s final battle, as strange, dark crystals begin to circulate on the black market. Players will follow Clive and his friends during their investigations as they encounter a group of suspicious traders, leading them to a long-abandoned Fallen tower known as the Sagespire. There, they will unravel the terrible secrets that await within.”

“Special bonus items for purchasing Echoes of the Fallen or the Expansion Pass include the Buster Sword, allowing Clive to wield Cloud Strife’s iconic weapon from Final Fantasy VII, and the “Away (1987)” Orchestrion Roll, which allows a chip-tune version of the song “Away” to be played as background music in the hideaway.”

To access the DLC, “you must have reached “Back to their Origin” in the main story, and completed the sidequest, “Priceless.” In order to unlock, “Priceless,” you must have completed the “Cut from the Cloth,” “Phoenix, Heal Thyself” and “Where there’s a Will” sidequests.”

Director Takeo Kujiraoka stated the following about why Omega was chosen as the antagonist for this DLC:

“Initially, the plan was to have a completely different, original boss. However, through our conversations as we worked out the details of the story, we came to think that players might enjoy it more if we included a familiar foe from the FINAL FANTASY series – and that it would give Echoes of the Fallen more of that FINAL FANTASY identity.

“That was when we settled upon Omega. Players have a strong impression of Omega as a mighty foe, and it was a perfect fit for the theme of the Fallen. So, everyone was in unanimous agreement.

“But Omega has appeared as a strong enemy multiple times in other FINAL FANTASY games. That’s why we decided to be quite faithful to the image of Omega that has been built up in these other games during the first half of the battle – to make players really feel like they’re fighting the Omega they know.

“Then, in the second half of the battle, we’ve created a dramatic remix in terms of both appearance and fighting style that really creates an Omega unique to FINAL FANTASY XVI. So, please keep an eye out for that shift!”

He then discussed the boss theme below:

“In the main game, the world has a medieval European feel to it, with a predominantly orchestral soundtrack. On the other hand, the Sagespire that appears in this first DLC is a ruin from the age of the Fallen, a civilization that was far more advanced than that of Clive’s era.

“As such, we intentionally set out to create something that felt very distinct from the main game, both in terms of the world we were depicting and the soundtrack.

“The Omega battle takes place against the backdrop of this cybernetic world, and I wanted the music to reflect that. So, when requesting the soundtrack, I asked to change the genre to something like a futuristic and upbeat digital-rock sound.

“From there, our Main Composer Masayoshi Soken went away and built out his own impression and sense of Omega as it appears in FINAL FANTASY XVI. As a result, the final track is an arrangement of the Omega Theme from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – eScape.

“It’s quite a drastic rearrangement, and I think it’s the perfect piece for the FINAL FANTASY XVI version of Omega: the boss of the DLC, and the ultimate weapon of the Fallen.

“There’s no narrative connection, but I imagine it will be fun for players of FINAL FANTASY XIV to listen to the track and compare it to the version they know.”

The bosses and battles were discussed by the director next:

“Factors that can dramatically influence Clive’s playable build in FINAL FANTASY XVI include abilities and accessories that can make individual abilities stronger.

“However, as we’re not adding any new abilities in Echoes of the Fallen, I wondered if there was a different approach we could take – to add some kind of element that would make players want to experiment with different ability sets and fighting styles.

“The new accessories being added in Echoes of the Fallen are the result of that line of thinking.

“Let’s take the Aerial Bit accessory, for example. This increases the amount of damage dealt to the Will Gauge by aerial attacks by 20%, and triples the maximum number of times Clive can use stomp to kick off of enemies.

“This allows you to equip lots of aerial abilities and spend most of your time fighting in the air, overpowering enemies with a completely new fighting style.

“If you’ve already played FINAL FANTASY XVI, you might have a certain ability set that’s mostly set in stone. If so, you’re exactly the kind of player that I’m hoping will enjoy exploring some different options with the new accessories by using different abilities and trying out new fighting styles to go with them.

“And if you enjoy playing Arcade Mode, it may open up some new ways to approach existing stages.”

More of the DLC is discussed below:

“In the first DLC, the story will explore the Fallen, who were shrouded in mystery for much of the main game.

“Having said that, we have so much lore about the Fallen that trying to completely tell their story would end up with us making another full game! So, alongside the truths that will be revealed in Echoes of the Fallen, we’ve intentionally left some places where players can use their imagination to speculate on what else may have come before.

“I recommend paying close attention to the environment of the Sagespire and details in Active Time Lore, as well as the story itself.

“I’m sure you’ll uncover even more intrigue and information about Valisthea!”

The DLC is also designed to be replayable – for example, you can play through on any difficulty level and there’s no shortage of ways to play. Kujiraoka-san says:

“Of course, we’ve balanced both DLC to allow them to be played smoothly on all different modes. Anyone can load up their save file and continue from there – so I hope you’ll jump into the DLC if you’re keen to spend more time with FINAL FANTASY XVI.

“The battles have been made to feel satisfying and challenging as well – first and foremost the boss of Omega. The new stage will be added to Arcade Mode, and Final Fantasy Mode will also support it in Ultimaniac Mode.

“If you love battles, or if you think your skills are up to the task, then I encourage you to take on the challenge!”

Lastly, The Rising Tide DLC was discussed:

“We’ve tried to keep the first DLC a relatively compact experience, so that we could tell a new story in the world of FINAL FANTASY XVI as soon as possible after the initial release of the game. But since we’re taking a bit more time to work on the second DLC, we’ll be cramming it full of content! So, allow me to tell you about it with quite a bit of depth!

“Firstly, the second DLC will be a story about Leviathan, who is only mentioned by name in the main game. It will include a sidequest to explore the lore in detail, including the reason why Leviathan hasn’t appeared up to this point.

“The fight with Leviathan has to be seen to be believed, so keep your hopes high for a real spectacle!

“We’ve also added a new field area for the DLC, with beautiful blue skies stretching out above. But how can there be blue skies in Valisthea, which is covered by the Arche? All will be revealed…

“Regardless of the reason, I hope you’ll enjoy a journey under the great blue sky with Joshua and Jill by your side.”

“The appearance of a new Eikon also means that Clive will obtain a new power. Leviathan’s Eikonic Feats and Abilities are completely different to other Eikons, with unique effects. The combat team headed by Combat Director Ryota Suzuki has taken a huge amount of care when creating these new additions to make sure that they will seamlessly fit into FINAL FANTASY XVI’s combat system, while also being strong enough to make players want to select Leviathan as one of the three Eikons in their loadout.

“Actually, in the save file I use to play test the game, I have Leviathan set as one of my Eikons. It’s so strong! I can recommend the abilities for completing the story and for Arcade Mode.

“And finally… gaining Leviathan’s power will mean that all the power of the Eikons has come together. What will happen to Clive when that happens?

“I can’t talk about that in any detail, but I can tell you that we’ve got even more in store for you to look forward to. So, I hope you’ll look forward to the release of The Rising Tide!”

The DLC is now available for purchase, with the bundle costing $24.99, while the Echoes of the Fallen DLC alone costs $9.99.

The key art for the Echoes of the Fallen DLC is viewable below:

final fantasy xvi 1

Final Fantasy XVI is a more action-heavy entry than its predecessors, with a Devil May Cry V designer even taking the helm. Throughout the title, players will control the protagonist, Clive, as he confronts various Dominants, humans who have been cursed with the power to become Eikons.

Clive is the “First Shield of Rosaria,” sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who’s the Dominant of Phoenix. However, following a certain tragedy, Clive swears revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit.

The producer, Naoki Yoshida, describes this game as akin to his experience with the first Final Fantasy, as “playing the lead in an epic motion picture.” The reasoning for this title’s action-oriented approach and more classical fantasy setting was to “appeal to as wide a range of gamers as possible.”

Final Fantasy XVI is available on PlayStation 5.

You can view the official trailer for the Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide DLC below:

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