Final Fantasy XVI Clive English Voice Actor Reveals Why Final Fantasy VIII is His Favorite Entry

The English voice actor for Final Fantasy XVI’s protagonist, Ben Starr, was recently interviewed by Square Enix blog regarding his experience with the game’s development and other tangentially related facets.

One of the questions asked Starr which Final Fantasy was his favorite, and in response, he revealed that it was Final Fantasy VIII. He went on to explain that it’s because it was the first one he played, so he naturally has the strongest attachment to it. Humorously, he even named the GFs (summons) after Pokémon. Plus, the game helped him feel closer to his dad, who was a fan of fantasy novels.

The full series of exchanges regarding Starr’s love of Final Fantasy VIII are quoted below:

I understand you’re a pretty big FINAL FANTASY fan. Do you have a favorite?

FINAL FANTASY VIII. Ok, I’m going to qualify this – it doesn’t mean I hate all the other ones, or even that I think it’s the best – but it’s the one I have the strongest relationship with because it’s the first one I played. It’s the game that introduced me to this world, to this series.

For me, there was life before FINAL FANTASY, and life after FINAL FANTASY, and that happened to me with VIII.

But I could go to bat for pretty much any of them. I think there are aspects of all of them that are completely brilliant. I didn’t realise what a thrill it would be to go back into FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, for example!

What was it about FINAL FANTASY VIII that grabbed you?

Bearing in mind I hadn’t played a game like this before, for me it was the scope. I could travel the world, capture all these beasts. I remember naming all the Guardian Forces (GFs) after Pokémon, as I was playing Pokémon Red at the time.

My dad was always into fantasy books and fantasy novels, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to read the massive tomes – the Robert Jordans of this world. This was my way into a rich, deep fantasy world, so I felt a connection with my dad as well.

For more insight regarding Benn Starr’s history with Final Fantasy XVI, check out his full interview with Square Enix.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy XVI is a more action-heavy entry than its predecessors, with a Devil May Cry V designer even taking the helm. Throughout the title, players will control the protagonist, Clive, as he confronts various Dominants, humans who have been cursed with the power to become Eikons.

Clive is the “First Shield of Rosaria,” sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who’s the Dominant of Phoenix. However, following a certain tragedy, Clive swears revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit.

The producer, Naoki Yoshida, describes this game as akin to his experience with the first Final Fantasy, as “playing the lead in an epic motion picture.” The reasoning for this title’s action-oriented approach and more classical fantasy setting was to “appeal to as wide a range of gamers as possible.” Moreover, “there will be a “comprehensive support system in place for players who aren’t too confident with action games.”

Final Fantasy XVI is now available for PlayStation 5.

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