Final Fantasy XVI Reveals 6 Eikon Battle Mural Illustrations

The official website for the Square Enix-developed action JRPG Final Fantasy XVI has been updated with new mural artwork depicting battles between the various Eikons. They’re quite gorgeous and will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who’ve completed the title. From Shiva to Odin, every Eikon is depicted in their innate ferocity.

Final Fantasy XVI is a more action-heavy entry than its predecessors, with a Devil May Cry V designer even taking the helm. Throughout the title, players will control the protagonist, Clive, as he confronts various Dominants, humans who have been cursed with the power to become Eikons.

Clive is the “First Shield of Rosaria,” sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who’s the Dominant of Phoenix. However, following a certain tragedy, Clive swears revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit.

The producer, Naoki Yoshida, describes this game as akin to his experience with the first Final Fantasy, as “playing the lead in an epic motion picture.” The reasoning for this title’s action-oriented approach and more classical fantasy setting was to “appeal to as wide a range of gamers as possible.”

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You can view the mural Eikon battle artwork for Final Fantasy XVI below:

Final Fantasy XVI is available on PlayStation 5.

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