Seeing Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Meet Series Creator’s Newest Character is Momentous

In 1987 Hironobu Sakaguchi was working for a Japanese company called Square Soft, which would later be known as one of the biggest video game developers in the industry, Square Enix. In a last attempt to make a great game, Sakaguchi-san created what is known as Final Fantasy, a title that spawned a series of RPGs that over 30 years later still receive entries.

In 2004, Sakaguchi-san left Square Enix and formed a new company called Mistwalker. The company would end up created some beloved titles, but became even more popular in 2014, with the release of Terra Battle. As the company looks towards the future of the Terra series, amidst the shutting down of the sequel Terra Battle 2 in 2018, they focus on the successor, Terra Wars. Leading up to Terra War’s to be determined launch, Sakaguchi-san has revealed the main character, Sara.

Terra Battle 2

It’s here that Sakaguchi-san’s career has come full circle when Square Enix revealed that Sara from Terra Wars will appear in the newest entry of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV. In the update, 1.26, players will be able to play an additional mission found in chapter 5 where the main protagonist Noctis has woken up in a strange place with a strange woman, you probably guessed that it’s Sara already.

In an extended trailer showing their interaction, it almost gives a feeling of nostalgia to see the creator of this series find his back. The music, facial animations, and the way the two interact with each other are almost reminiscent of Cloud and Aerith speaking together in Final Fantasy VII. This reunion of creator and series is something that I personally never thought could happen, but it’s awesome to see that the two companies are still in each other’s good graces.

final fantasy

In addition to the extra mission, patch 1.26 brings new cosmetic items to the game’s online mode Comrades and adds music from Shadow of the Tomb Raider and DJ Nobunaga to play while riding in the Regalia.

We hope to see more successful work from Sakaguchi-san and hopefully, this collaboration brings new fans to his Terra series. I mean, we are still waiting for the console version of the game that was promised a very long time ago. However, I don’t mind waiting if it means important moments like this in video game history.

In case you missed it, Final Fantasy has a legacy of titles releasing across all current-gen platforms including bringing Final Fantasy VII to Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

You can watch the extended trailer below:

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