Final Fantasy XIV Tops its Most Players Online Record Once Again

Final Fantasy XIV is a really popular MMO, and that is evident day after day with so many great patches making both new and veteran players dive in for hours on end.

This last weekend, according to statistics provided by SteamDB, Final Fantasy XIV has topped its record of “Most Online Players in the Last 24 Hours” yet again. The MMO peaked at 47,542 online players, with the previous record being 41,200 players. The latter occurred back in June 2019, shortly before the Shadowbringers expansion was released.

Final Fantasy XIV

However, the most amusing fact is that there isn’t a new patch that added new content in July, with the recent patch, Death Unto Dawn, having released on June 22 of this year. The next big patch arriving in Final Fantasy XIV contains the Endwalker expansion, but that won’t be here until November 21, 2021.

Some players have attempted to speculate as to why the game received so many players before the upcoming expansion’s release, and most believe the reason to be that newer players this Summer might be trying to play through all of the already existing expansions so they can be ready for the Endwalker when it releases on the aforementioned November date.

Additionally, others believe this may have to do with the title gaining immense popularity over Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. However, there’s no way to confirm that belief since it is unknown just how it compares.

Final Fantasy XIV

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