Final Fantasy XIV Japan Players Reveal Top 10 Jobs in New Poll

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, they have recently polled a little over 2000 Japanese players asking about their thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV, with several questions pertaining to what they like about the game, alongside a message board for the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. Among those questions however, there was one where the players were asked which of the Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic Jobs they like the most, and the results? Well, better to just show you.

It’s worth noting that this data, according to Famitsu, was collected from July 31st to August 6th. With that said, here’s the full list:

1st place: White Mage (197 votes)
2nd place: Dragoon (185 votes)
3rd place: Summoner (177 votes)
4th place: Bard (165 votes)
5th place: Red Mage (141 votes)
6th place: Paladin (136 votes)
7th place: Samurai (127 votes)
8th place: Monk (120 votes)
9th place: Dark Knight (118 votes)
10th place: Black Mage (112 votes)
11th place: Machinist (109 votes)
12th place: Scholar (106 votes)
13th place: Reaper (105 votes)
14th place: Dancer (101 votes)
15th place: Warrior (96 votes)
16th place: Gunbreaker (94 votes)
17th place: Ninja (88 votes)
18th place: Sage (79 votes)
19th place: Astrologian (70 votes)
20th place: I don’t have a favorite DoW/DoM Job in specific (25 votes)
21st place: Blue Mage (11 votes)
22nd place: No answer (1 vote)

I can’t say I’m terribly surprised about Blue Mage being in last, but to think that White Mage was the most popular in Japan did come as a bit of a surprise to myself. It makes me wonder as to how these ratings will change as we get the two brand-new classes from the new Dawntrail expansion, or if some classes get changed beyond belief… (looking at you, Summoner!)

The Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Expansion was announced for Summer 2024.

This time, the new expansion in Dawntrail will take us across the western seas to a land named Tural. Tural is less developed than most countries we have visited, but this doesn’t mean it is uninhabited. The land is ruled by a two-headed Mamool Ja named Gulool Ja Ja. The expansion will focus on a contest for the rights to his throne inside the major city of Tuliyollal. This contest will consist of finding the fabled City of Gold, which will see the Scions racing across Tural in search of it.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available via PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (via Steam or via Square Enix’s website). Patch 6.4, “The Dark Throne,” launched in May 2023, and Patch 6.5 is set to release in October 2023.

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