Final Fantasy XIV Sales Temporarily Suspended Due to Server Congestion; No More New Free Trial Registrations

The producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, has announced that sales for Final Fantasy XIV have been halted due to intense server congestion. All players who own the full game will earn 14 free days of their subscription to account for the lengthy queues and other technical issues, as of Tuesday, December 21, at 12 AM PT, the launch of patch 6.01.

Additionally, Free Trial players are “unable to log in outside of late night and early morning hours,” and no new Free Trial registrations will be possible. Despite suspending sales for new players, Yoshida emphasizes that patches will roll out as expected unless any significant issues unfold in development. The primary reason cited is that delaying the patch would require the team to rebalance items and gear stats, which would delay subsequent patches. So, players looking to get those coveted firsts may want to log in as soon as the patches’ maintenance ends.

Yoshida goes in-depth with the numerous changes being made to the Final Fantasy XIV experience on the game’s official blog. To say this is unprecedented would be an understatement. Hopefully, Square Enix’s efforts to bring Final Fantasy XIV back on track on a technical scale work out as scheduled.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has revealed two new character job classes so far, with the Sage and Reaper revealed. Further players will find level cap increases from 80 to 90, additional dungeons, small-scale PvP mode, and updates to the Gold Saucer. If you missed it, check out our coverage of the expansion’s latest live letter, which details several details of what gameplay content players can expect. In addition, various specifics of many gameplay mechanics and systems were discussed at length, so hardcore fans would do well to be aware.

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