Final Fantasy XIV Heats Up With Phoenix Riser Suit Starting Next Week

Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to events, with the Moonfire Faire being one of the oldest recurring ones that players can enjoy during the summer. Usually, this event gives players a small minigame or challenge to complete within the event period, and the rewards range from cosmetic gear to furniture for players’ housing.

This year, however, the title pays homage to one of the oldest shows in Japan, Kamen Rider.

The Moonfire Faire will begin August 10, and players can start the event in the city of Limsa Lominsa Upperdecks just below the aftcastle Aethernet gem. Players will be easily able to tell the start point of the quest from the NPC with a blue quest marker above their head in this general area. The only requirement is that players have at least one class at level 30, an easy goal to attain for anyone, even if they only started today.

This year’s reward for players who complete the event will be the Phoenix Riser suit. A suit that pays obvious homage to the many tokusatsu heroes that are very popular with children in Japan.

This year instead of Super Sentai, the suit resembles Kamen Rider, a sister series to Super Sentai, and in many respects follows design cues from both series. There have been previous Super Sentai events for Final Fantasy XIV, so having a summer event paying homage to Kamen Rider makes a lot of sense.

Players can see the gear below.


The Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Expansion was announced for Summer 2024.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available via PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Patch 6.4, “The Dark Throne,” launched in May 2023.

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