Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s Climactic Finale Begins in January

Square Enix revealed the release date for the conclusion of the Final Fantasy XIV Online expansion Stormblood. Patch 4.5 will launch on January 8 with the release of A Requiem For Heroes.

A Requiem For Heroes is a two-part patch that brings the story of Stormblood to an end and sets up the next expansion, Shadowbringers, which will be available in early summer 2019.

Installing the patch will allow players to play the first half of the Stormblood conclusion along with a new trial where they can confront Seiryu on normal or extreme difficulties in the last chapter of the Four Lords’ quest line.

Also, players will be able to explore a new instanced dungeon, the Ghimlyt Dark, return to Ivalice Alliance raid dungeon in the Orbonne Monastery, take on new custom deliveries, and explore a new Gold Saucer which will have a new mini-game, braise yourself, it’s Mahjong.

Also, the Blue Mage will be available to fans in the patch for players that have a level 50 disciple of the War or Magic class.

Upcoming updates include:

  • Patch 4.55 – Eureka, Hydatos Expedition; New Entry in the Large-scale PvP Rival Wings – The Hidden Gorge
  • Patch 4.56 – Even Further Hildibrand Adventures; Stormblood Beast Tribe Quests
  • Data Center Expansion for North America and Europe; New World Visit System

Additionally, a new trailer launched to give players an idea of the story of the conclusion.

Part II is scheduled to release in late March.

You can check out the new story trailer and screenshots showing what’s new in patch 4.5 below:

Author’s take: I’m so behind on this game and I feel like I want my entire Christmas holiday to be spent on playing through Stormblood.

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