Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World Starts Today; Here’s What You Can Expect to Find

Today, Square Enix’s widely successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online will go live with Path 4.36, along with a handful of updates, this is the patch that adds the collaboration event with Capcom’s Monster Hunter World.

Even though the patch is live, new players to Final Fantasy XIV might have trouble finding the Monster Hunter: World content.

The event is opened to level 70 Final Fantasy XIV players who have completed the huge story DLC “Stormblood’s” main scenario quest. After, players can immediately take on a new quest “The New King of the Block”, which will have the players face Rathalos in The Great Hunt trial. This is an eight-player battle that will incorporate the mechanics of Monster Hunter: World. Players looking for a challenge can attempt The Great Hunt (Extreme), which is a four-player version of the trial with tougher enemies and additional hurdles.

After the battle, players will get access to a variety of Monster Hunter: World-themed rewards:

  • Rathalos Armor Set – Equipment Inspired by Rathalos
  • New Minions – Poogie and Palico
  • New Mount – Ride Rathalos, the “King of the Skies,” throughout Hydaelyn
  • New Furnishings – BBQ Spit

Additional patch updates include the next chapter in The Forbidden Land Eureka series: The Pagos Expedition. This will open up a new area for players to explore and further strengthen their Eureka weapons and obtain additional rewards such as minions.

Lastly, in case you didn’t know, the Final Fantasy XIV Online Fan Festival tour will begin in North America on November 16-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, it seems that tickets are sold out for the event.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

You can check out the event screenshots below:

Author’s take: This is such a cool idea for a collaboration. I’m glad that both games are doing so well in the west for this to happen. Usually, Japan only gets the cool collaboration events, whether is exclusive to an unlocalized mobile title or…Phantasy Star Online 2 -__-

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