Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Reveals Details About New Area, Tural

Final Fantasy XIV is a long journey set across the Eorzea; this time, the new expansion in Dawntrail will take us across the western seas to a land named Tural. Tural is less developed than most countries we have visited, but this doesn’t mean it is uninhabited. The land is ruled by a two-headed Mamool Ja named Gulool Ja Ja.

The expansion will focus on a contest for the rights to his throne inside the major city of Tuliyollal. This contest will consist of finding the fabled City of Gold, which will see the Scions racing across Tural in search of it.

This will include Urqopacha, a mountainous region home to some of the largest and smallest races in Tural. This area was once the home of the ancient Giant capital that now lies in ruin; clues for the City of Gold could be hiding in the area’s ruins.

Yak T’el is the third area shown off for the new expansion, divided into high-level and low-level areas. This area is heavily forested, with the floor hardly seeing any sunlight; the significant characteristics of the site are its springs and underground wells that help keep the foliage alive in the forest.

We have gathered together screenshots of the three areas below.

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO that has players work together through a story worthy of any Final Fantasy title. Dawntrail is the latest expansion that will have players in a contest searching for the fabled City of Gold, which will have the Scions work with and against each other to decide who will ascend the throne of Tural.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail will be released Summer 2024 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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