Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition is on Sale, But You Might Want to Hold Off on Buying It

The Complete Edition of Final Fantasy XIV (a game you may have heard about because of its free trial, which includes the award-winning Heavensward expansion and allows you to play all the way up to level 60 without paying anything) is currently on sale on multiple platforms for $23, matching an all-time low price.

We’re not really sure why, though, because there is some crucial additional context for this sale. This Complete Edition will only be “complete” for about another three weeks before the game’s fourth expansion, Endwalker, releases. Therefore, Endwalker is not included in this sale, so you will have to pay full price for it when it comes out.

Endwalker 3

If you’re literally just starting the game now, then this sale makes some sense (you’ve got a while to go before you get to new content unless you want to play as a Viera or Hrothgar), but otherwise, this is not a good deal. The Complete Edition is currently $23, and Endwalker will be $40 when it releases, making the total purchase about $63 before tax.

But, once the expansion launches, Square will add it to future purchases of the Complete Edition, which always carries an MSRP of $60 (the pricing intention being that a new player will always pay $60 for all released content). So, unless you are starting fresh or just finished Heavensward and can’t wait three extra weeks to play Stormblood, this is basically a reverse sale. Yes, it’s only for a minor amount, but it seems like an unnecessarily extra hassle for players.

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