Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Reveals New Summer-Themed Content; Swimsuits & Leviathan Costumes

Developer and publisher Square Enix just shared a brand new Summer event trailer for the Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier mobile game. For this event, lockers will appear on the training field! Players can collect keys to open them and slip into different kinds of swimwear to receive special effects, including an ability to reduce damage in areas that have already been closed off by the Hazard Zone.

The trailer’s thumbnail deceptively makes you think Blitzball will be added but nope. Those are called Water God Medals, which are scattered across the battlefield and can be collected. Obtained medals can be utilized to pull on the Water God’s Pack, which includes awesome summer items such as the Watermelon Outfit and Shinra Swimwear pictured below:

ff7 first soldier summer event outfits

Furthermore, a Leviathan Wear and Leviathan Outfit will be available to purchase from the Shop alongside some outfits inspired by the Summon. Equipping this skin will significantly increase the number of medals you can obtain.

ff7 first soldier leviathan skin

You can watch the summer event trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a battle royale that takes place in several locations around Midgar. Players are tasked with being the last member of SOLDIER standing and will have a host of abilities to keep them in the fight long enough in a hectic 75-player battle.

There are several classes to choose from, including Warrior, Sorcerer, or even Dragoon, each with different abilities and skills that prove helpful during tense situations. Players will also need to fight against monsters around the city to gain the necessary experience to level up and unlock new weapons.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier also features classic gameplay elements such as ridable Chocobos, espers, and even summon Materia, including Ifrit. In addition, customization options allow players to alter their characters’ outfits and accessories to stand out on the battlefield. Currently, Season 3, Highway Star, is ongoing, where players can get motorcycle and riding-styled outfits.

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