Rock on While the Plate Falls; Final Fantasy VII Shinra AirPods Case Pre-Orders Available

Square Enix has listed a new Final Fantasy VII Remake-themed product on their North American online storefront, comprising an AirPods Pro Case Cover decorated with the Shinra Electric Power Company logo.

Further, one of the item’s sides states, “FOR STAFF USE ONLY,” emphasizing the immersive legitimacy of truly being part of Shinra. While this may be a hot take, I doubt you’d want to actually be part of that company. Still, I am just one micro-organism in a sea of countless timelines, so what do I really know?

Regardless, this 1st Generation Air Pods Pro Case Cover looks undeniably authentic and would make a great gift for any Final Fantasy VII-lover you’re close with. The following notes were provided regarding what this item arrives with:

*Includes carabiner
*Works with wireless charging
*Designed for the 1st Gen AirPod Pro

You can view official images of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra AirPods Pro Case Cover via our gallery below:

You can pre-order the Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra AirPods Pro Case Cover for $34.99 ahead of its scheduled August 2023 shipment via Square Enix North America’s official storefront.

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