Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Apparently Confirms Tifa’s Bra Size

The Ultimania for Final Fantasy VII Remake has almost launched in Japan, and with it, some early receivers have revealed a surprising bit of info. For those unaware, an Ultimania is essentially a book of compiled information such as interviews, in-depth game mechanical info, and story explanations.

The Kingdom Hearts series is well known for having these book releases that include Japanese exclusives, much to the chagrin of hardcore overseas fans. However, some rather gracious and generous individuals in the community end up translating key pieces of information within these Ultimanias.

One such individual, known on Twitter as aitaikimochi, has recently brought attention to some Japanese buyers of the Ultimania uploading pictures of Tifa’s bra size apparently being confirmed in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania. You can take a look at the thread commenting on and showing this apparent confirmation here. “…Tifa’s bra size is a Japanese G70, which is roughly a size 32” DDD,” she states.

While this does seem to be true based on various pictures uploaded from the Ultimania, the sources are from those who have received early copies of the book. It isn’t officially released until tomorrow in Japan, so there are no official sources yet confirming the validity of this.

I guess we can all rest easy knowing that this heated topic can be put to rest.

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