Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Comes Back Into Our Lives Thanks to New Trailer

During PlayStation’s State of Play today, we finally got another look at the Final Fantasy VII remake as Square Enix dropped a short but sweet trailer for it and has promised that there’s more to come in June.

Given that the remake, which is literally called Final Fantasy VII Remake, was first announced at E3 2015, it’s safe to say that the game has experienced a few bumps during its development cycle. The last time we got to check out actual gameplay, though, was back at PSX 2015. With the latest trailer, it appears that the visuals and action-RPG gameplay have received a pretty nice upgrade compared to what we saw in the PSX 2015 trailer.

There are still many questions we have about Final Fantasy VII Remake, however. The main one thing we’re wondering is if there’ll be an option to change the gameplay style to the classic turn-based combat system in the original Final Fantasy VII. Also, Square Enix had previously mentioned that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be an episodic series, rather than a full one-and-done game. I suppose we’ll have to wait till June to get more details, but don’t worry, we’ll be sure to give you the scoop.

For now, feast your eyes upon Final Fantasy VII Remake thanks to the new trailer below:

Author’s take: My Limit Break meter is filled to the max right now — hype level overload. 

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