Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Tifa A Ponytail; Pretty Wild Change

Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Tifa A Ponytail; Pretty Wild Change

Modding provides impressively diverse results, ranging from inherent gameplay adjustments to cosmetic alterations. Recently, user naporun implemented a mod that gives Tifa a ponytail, which honestly completely changes her overall look.

While this may seem like a minor mod to many, hair is a pretty defining feature of anime characters. So, seeing hair stylings differences leaves a rather significant impact. And in the case of this Tifa mod, that design philosophy also applies. Playing through Remake with this mod would undeniably offer an appreciated pace change.

You can download this mod via Nexus Mods and view additional screenshots. Two files are provided, one which only gives Tifa a ponytail in her standard attire and one that gives her a ponytail in all outfits.

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