Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Sephiroth His Kingdom Hearts Outfit

Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Sephiroth His Kingdom Hearts Outfit

Recently, modder ColossalCake has gotten to work yet again by giving Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII Remake the outfit he wears in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. For those unaware, this same modder gave Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Remake the Keyblade and his original Kingdom Hearts outfit.

Sephiroth can be first seen in the first Kingdom Hearts as an optional superboss in the Hercules world, Olympus Coliseum. He’s one of the more challenging battles, and while he’s also in Kingdom Hearts II, he’s significantly easier there compared to Final Mix’s original super bosses. Further, Sephiroth’s iconic battle theme, “One-Winged Angel,” would receive renditions in both battles, and some of his attacks would be reminiscent of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Similar to how I feel about Cloud’s original Kingdom Hearts appearance, Sephiroth’s design in Kingdom Hearts is how I’ve always seen the character. While I’ve never understood the love for Sephiroth as a villain or the fan obsession to see him reappear as a boss in later Kingdom Hearts installments, he is undeniably iconic, primarily due to his outlandish appearance. If I do end up replaying Remake on PC, this mod might end up being a must-install solely for its nostalgic value. Thanks to ColossalCake for implementing this design in the game.

You can view additional images of this mod and download it via its Nexus Mods page.

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