New Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Cloud His Original Kingdom Hearts Outfit

Alas, the day is finally here. A modder by the name of ColossalCake has created Cloud Strife’s Kingdom Hearts outfit for Final Fantasy VII Remake. More specifically, this is the outfit Cloud wears in just the first Kingdom Hearts game. He’s initially an antagonist, being manipulated by Hades in Olympus Coliseum before learning the truth of his deception by the end of the first visit to that world.

While I’ve never been particularly attached to the Final Fantasy implementation in Kingdom Hearts, considering how minor it is compared to everything else, this is the series that taught me what Final Fantasy even was. Moreover, the first Kingdom Hearts was the first time I ever saw Cloud Strife, so this unique appearance he dons is his original look to me, even if it’s not accurate. I’m really appreciative of ColossalCake since if I do ever play Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC, this will be a must-use mod.

You can download this cosmetic Final Fantasy VII Remake mod and view more images of it via its Nexus Mods page.

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