Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Cloud The Keyblade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Cloud The Keyblade

Modder ColossalCake has done what I thought to be impossible; giving Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII Remake the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. The sheer difference in size between the Keyblade and Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword is rather stark, but they managed to make it work.

Sora’s default Keyblade, the Kingdom Key, is the chosen weapon for this depiction, with it having been made entirely from scratch regarding models and textures. However, the weapon’s sound effects were cleverly taken from Kingdom Hearts III for further idealized replication.

Moreover, the Kingdom Key boasts four unique Materia slots and replaces either the Buster Sword or the Mythril Blade. Lastly, the Mickey Mouse keychain is not applied due to physics complications, though ColossalCake states that they will implement that functionality if it becomes possible.

Also, while ColossalCake crafted the model and texture work for the Kingdom Key, the following individuals provided significant contributions as well:

You can download this stellar mod and view additional images via its dedicated Nexus Mods page.

unknown 6

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