Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Honeybee Inn Dance Off Developers Removed Pole Dancing Scene to Not Impact the Rating

Final Fantasy VII fans all remember the first time that went through Market Street with Aerith. The goal was to get Cloud dressed up as a girl to enter Corneo’s mansion and save Tifa. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, this was enhanced with an out of nowhere rhythm dance scene.

During an interview with co-director Motomu Toriyama and Square Enix, it was revealed there could have been more to this scene, “…for this scene, we commissioned a team of professional dancers that create burlesque shows and choreography. They proposed changing the concept and choreography for each section of the dance-off.”

Toriyama-san continues, “We actually went through multiple recordings and corrections when making the scene. Initially, for example, there was a pole dancing scene included, which meant that filming began on an elaborate set. We decided to take that part out due to the impact on the rating!”

It seems we could have seen Cloud on the pole in one iteration of this. Sorry fans.

However, jokingly, Toriyama-san did add, “It might be fun to add more songs and see more characters dancing, like Tifa and Aerith. I’m sure Red XIII would be delighted to show off his moves!” However, followed up with, “But no, we’re not working on turning it into a full rhythm game right now”

So it looks like no one wins in terms of extra content, but the scene is still iconic and one of the best moments of the Remake.

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