Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Reveals New Summons, Screenshots & Loveless Play Details

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Reveals New Summons, Screenshots & Loveless Play Details

Square Enix has unveiled new gameplay information for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, introducing new characters, areas, and more. Further, various new screenshots were revealed.

Gold Saucer is detailed below:

“Referred to as the gilded paradise, the Gold Saucer is a resplendent amusement park on an epic scale. It is divided into seven areas, called “squares,” each with their own unique attractions. One such is the Skywheel, which takes guests high above the Saucer for an unforgettable view of the park, and has proven to be a popular date spot.”

Corel Prison is detailed below:

“A sprawling slum that infests the base of the Gold Saucer.

It’s almost as if the Saucer’s glimmering façade acts a beacon for vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells the world over, as they have flocked there in droves. So dangerous is the Dustbowl – Corel Prison’s slightly kinder sobriquet – that those who enter its limits are said to never return.”

The following synergy attacks were introduced:

  • Cloud/Aerith: Firework Blade – Cloud uses Aerith’s magic to unleash a ranged attack
  • Tifa/Cait Sith: Moogle Dunk Shot – Tifa swings Cait Sith’s moogle around and launches it at an enemy.

Additionally, the summons Titan, Bahamut Arisen, and Phoenix were introduced:

Titan – A titanic colossus whose arms of solid stone can rend the earth – and your enemies – asunder. Titan excels at both powerful melee strikes and area-of-effect attacks, such as Boulder Hurl. Upon leaving the battlefield, Titan unleashes Earthen Fury, calling forth giant pillars of rock from deep within the earth. This imposing magic attack harnesses the power of nature to cleave your enemies’ resolve.

Bahamut Arisen – A massive dragon covered in resplendent red scales. It cuts off any possible escape routes with its lightning-quick speed, and decimates its enemies with both sharp claws and a veritable arsenal of weaponry. Bahamut Arisen excels at attacking in rapid succession, but can also obliterate foes with charged magic attacks from its limbs. Once its Umbral Bombardment lands, it releases two orbs of magic that fan out and annihilate all surrounding enemies. When it leaves the battlefield, Bahamut Arisen activates Gigaflare – an extremely potent attack that sees the dragon unleash beams of magic from its wings and maw, burning any nearby foes alive.

Phoenix – A bird possessed of exquisite beauty and wings of brilliant flame. Phoenix not only flies about the battlefield assailing foes with its blisteringly hot attacks, but also heals the party’s wounds. In addition to engulfing enemies in flames with its wings of wildfire, Phoenix can grant buffs with healing effects. It can also revive incapacitated allies and fully recover their HP with Arise, allowing them to return to the front line and continue the fight. When it departs the field of battle, Phoenix unleashes Rebirth Flame, which recovers the party’s HP and spells a fiery death any foes within its wide range. A single feather falls from Phoenix’s wings, enveloping the battlefield in burning flames, after which the bird rises from the cinders to deal the final blow.

Throughout the game, Cloud’s actions and responses to other characters will affect their relationship, with certain benefits granted if a bond is strong enough. Loveless is also presented at Golden Saucer’s Golden Theatre.

“It depicts a hero’s fight against the Dragon King, the tyrannical ruler of Guardia, as well as his love for Princess Rosa.” Depending on Cloud’s bonds, the person playing Rosa and parts of the script may change.

Interestingly, Cid is described as “a rogue pilot of reputable skill [who] runs a shuttle service out of various abandoned airstrips. After Cloud & company flag him down, he flies them around the globe in his beloved Tiny Bronco.”

You can view official Final Fantasy VII Rebirth screenshots via our gallery below:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the sequel to the first entry in this ongoing Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy effort. This new entry is far more ambitious than the first, set to occur until The Forgotten Capital from the original game.

Players can look forward to playable Cait Sith and Red XIII, with Vincent also revealed, though not extensively. Gold Saucer will be a prominently featured location with plenty of minigames.

Speaking of, the Junon infiltration minigame has been significantly enhanced, with Cloud directing soldiers to form specific compositions. Further, Sephiroth will be playable during the Nibelheim flashback. Combat has undergone a shakeup, with new synergy attacks utilizing multiple party members, and Red XIII has a unique revenge gauge mechanic.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024, on two discs.

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Pre-ordering the game digitally will grant the Moogle Trio Summoning Materia. Further, carrying over save data from Final Fantasy VII Remake will give the Leviathan Summon Materia, while carrying over save data from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie episode will grant the Ramuh Summon Materia.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PlayStation 4, with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which includes the Yuffie episode, available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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