Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Co-Director Reiterates That You Don’t Need to Have Played Final Fantasy VII Remake to Fully Enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Today, the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account shared its fourth consecutive daily developer message regarding the upcoming direct sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Today, co-director Motomu Toriyama reiterated that fans who did not play Final Fantasy VII Remake can “fully enjoy” Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with preparations they have made. This isn’t new information, but I’ve been mixed on it all the same.

With a direct sequel, trying to appeal to complete newcomers lessens the degree of writing freedom you have to keep returning players continually engaged. Hopefully, this statement only implies that there’s an in-game recap option or something, and not that they plan to re-tell you the Remake story throughout this sequel narrative.

Or perhaps they’re implying that a newcomer’s perspective here will offer a still comprehensible yet fresh experience. We’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll keep you all updated on any future Final Fantasy VII Rebirth comments that are released.

Final Fantasy VII rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the sequel to the first entry in this ongoing Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy effort. Throughout the announcement trailer, players got a tease of the Nibleheim flashback with Cloud and Sephiroth and Zack carrying Cloud, seemingly from either the end of Crisis Core or the end of Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 this Winter.

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