You Can Clean Crusty Final Fantasy VII Midgar in Power Wash Simulator Next Month; Free DLC

Square Enix has announced that their cleaning simulation game, PowerWash Simulator, will add free Final Fantasy VII-themed DLC on March 2, 2023. Titled the “Midgar Special Pack,” players will receive five new cleaning jobs in Midgar.

These tasks comprise remedying messes made by familiar groups and figures in Final Fantasy VII, including Heidegger, Hojo’s tragic research specimens, and Corneo’s subordinates. As for what will be cleaned specifically, various Shinra vehicles, the popular Scorpion Sentinel boss, the Shinra Building’s Mako Energy Exhibit, the Airbuster boss, and even the beloved Seventh Heaven bar will need to be power-washed.

Considering how PowerWash Simulator does have a narrative, it’s worth wondering what will be the case here. It’d be pretty funny if this were to be canon to Final Fantasy VII itself somehow, occurring after Cloud and company leave Midgar. Let’s not get carried away, though.

You can view officially provided images of the PowerWash Simulator Midgar Special Pack via our gallery below:

For more granular details, you can view the official Square Enix blog post.

PowerWash Simulator is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This free Final Fantasy VII-themed DLC will be available on March 2, 2023, for all platforms.

In case you missed it, we recently reviewed the game’s PlayStation 5 port.

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