Final Fantasy VII First Soldier Begins Season 2 of Content; New Styles and Materia Added

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier Begins Season 2 of Content; New Styles and Materia Added

Developer Square Enix has just begun Season 2 content in the battle royale action mobile game Final Fantasy VII First Soldier. Titled “Dominate the Sky,” players can participate in a range of new in-game features, such as mastering a new style, acquiring a new type of Materia, battling a powerful enemy, “Bahamut,” and more. Here’s what players can expect on this brand new Season:

First, players can enjoy a new style that has been added: The Dragoon style. This new style is a mobile attack style that allows players to bombard enemies from all sides with powerful, nimble attacks. Dragoons are focused on the offense and are proficient in airborne attacks. By changing up the combination of abilities and skills, you can adjust your playstyle to focus on melee combat, heavy attacks, aerial movement, and more.

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier Dragoon Style

Next, a strong new enemy, Bahamut, can now descend upon specific locations around the map, where players can take him on in challenging PvE encounters. If they manage to defeat Bahamut once, players will receive Bahamut summoning Materia that transforms them into the mighty Dragon King themselves, allowing them to unleash attacks like Divebomb and Megaflare.

Unlike other summons like Ifrit and Shiva, players don’t passively summon Bahamut into the field but instead take over his dragon form and control his abilities. Bahamut’s HP decreases as time passes, and damage taken while in Bahamut form will also reduce his HP, but not the summoner’s HP. When his HP drops to 0, the summon effect will end.

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier Bahamut Materia

Players can now obtain the Teleport summon Materia through chests on the battlefield, which can be activated anywhere that placeable/trap Materia can be used. This Materia allows players to open portals – one at a targeted location on the map and another at the caster’s feet – to transport from one portal to the other instantly. This can be great for reaching enemies that are in hard-to-reach places.

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier Teleport Materia

Finally, during the second half of Season 2, players will be able to create their own lobbies and customize match parameters like battle mode and number of participants, and the ability to manually set teams. In addition, a spectator mode will also be available in private matches, which will allow players to set up and participate in custom tournaments.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a battle royale that takes place in several locations around Midgar. Players are tasked with being the last member of SOLDIER standing and will have a host of abilities to keep them in the fight long enough. There are several classes to choose from, including Warrior, Sorcerer, or Mong, each with different abilities and skills that prove helpful during tense situations. Players will also need to fight against monsters around the city to gain the necessary experience to level up and unlock new weapons.

Season 2 is now available to download through the App Store and Google Play from February 28, 2022, through June 2, 2022.

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