Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Steam Page Now Live

Square Enix has opened the Steam page for their ongoing free-to-play title Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. There is no date yet up for when fans can anticipate this port’s arrival, but we’ll keep you all updated.

The ESRB rating description of this PC port was discovered last month.

The Steam page does confirm that there will be cross-platform multiplayer and Steam achievement implementation.

Additionally, there will be some type of data carry-over from the mobile to Steam versions, though the extent is unclear. This Steam port is being done in response to fan feedback, primarily from those who are unable to play the game on mobile devices.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an ambitious mobile entry that coalesces the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, including the original game, Crisis CoreDirge of CerberusBefore Crisis, and even Advent Children in playable forms. The gacha comprises new outfits for the cast, adding levity and spiciness to familiar events fans are abundantly knowledgeable about.

The original Final Fantasy VII’s portrayal will feature new lines and adapt light novel material written by Nojima, such as when Tifa meets AVALANCHE in Traces of Two Pasts. Currently, the entirety of the story in Midgar is playable. Story updates are planned once a month, with seemingly one chapter each time.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available on mobile devices via iOS and Android. A Steam port has been confirmed.

The game has achieved seven million downloads worldwide.

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