Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Shares Official Steam Port Preview

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Shares Official Steam Port Preview

Square Enix has shared an official preview video for the upcoming PC port of their ongoing free-to-play mobile game Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Footage of the game running at a higher resolution is showcased, though the enhancements of this port were previously shared by Famitsu.

Fans can anticipate support for 4K resolution, 30, 60, and 120 FPS options, and, at least according to the article, well-integrated keyboard controls that rival the touch controls on mobile.

Shortcuts during battle are the 1 to 5 number keys for materia abilities, and Q, W, and E are for limit breaks. F1 to F5 is reserved for switching characters and selecting targets for recovery abilities. Key remapping is also available.

The Steam version has a total of 16 achievements. Some of them require a certain amount of training, such as clearing the 50th floor of Midgard Falls, but most of them can be obtained simply by advancing through the story.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an ambitious mobile entry that coalesces the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, including the original game, Crisis CoreDirge of CerberusBefore Crisis, and even Advent Children in playable forms. The gacha comprises new outfits for the cast, adding levity and spiciness to familiar events fans are abundantly knowledgeable about.

The original Final Fantasy VII’s portrayal will feature new lines and adapt light novel material written by Nojima, such as when Tifa meets AVALANCHE in Traces of Two Pasts. Currently, the entirety of the story in Midgar is playable. Story updates are planned once a month, with seemingly one chapter each time.

You can view the official Steam preview of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis below:

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available on mobile devices via iOS and Android.

A Christmas-themed event was recently launched.

The game has achieved seven million downloads worldwide.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will launch for PC via Steam on December 7, 2023.

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