Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Details Gameplay Features, Outfits & Co-Op; Younger Versions of Characters Planned

Following yesterday’s new trailer and pre-registration announcement for the upcoming mobile RPG, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Famitsu interviewed the game’s creative director, Tetsuya Nomura, and producer Shōichi Ichikawa.

This interview is quite lengthy and contains a plethora of new info, such as details regarding gameplay. For instance, Nomura stated that as Ever Crisis is continually updated, we’ll see new characters and younger versions of already existing ones. Some Final Fantasy VII characters have received this treatment before, but it would be neat to see younger playable versions of unexpected ones, like Cid or Vincent.

The scale of the depicted games is then clarified, as the team has made highlight reels of sorts that showcase the most significant and emotional moments. In combat, parties comprise a maximum of three characters, with five commands that all deplete the ATB gauge at varying levels. Only one character is manually controlled as battles occur, while the other two operate on configurable defensive and offensive strategies. Although you can also swap your controllable character on the fly, akin to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Moreover, ranged and melee weapons don’t have any practical differences.

Similar to Crisis Core, some enemies will have warning gauges signifying incoming special attacks that can be struck to prevent their arrival. Further, auto-battle and double-speed will be available for convenience. Interestingly, the outfit designs are based on the weapons obtained through the gacha, which Nomura played an integral role in. To clarify the outfit acquisitions, you gain stamps each time you get the same outfit, and once you have enough, the respective costume is unlocked. The chibi sprites will also have these new appearances.

One mode players will regularly experience is the Battle Tower which features several combat challenges and gameplay rewards. It’ll also be constantly updated to feature new content.

Moving on, more challenging versions of the main story dungeons will be present, as well as new events depicting sides of the core cast that haven’t been a focus in the mainline game releases. Cooperative multiplayer will be incorporated, too, and the seasonal events and collaboration events are getting hyped up. But it’s worth noting that the multiplayer mode won’t have exclusive items, and there are plans to expand its capabilities.

As for voice acting, only battles and CG scenes will have this implementation. However, we do not know if the voice work will also be in English.

Thanks to the Twitter account @ShinraArch for sharing this info and our team’s Ryuji for ensuring its accuracy.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the development and release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an ambitious mobile entry that coalesces the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, including the original game, Crisis CoreDirge of CerberusBefore Crisis, and even Advent Children in playable forms. The gacha comprises new outfits for the cast, adding levity and spiciness to familiar events fans are abundantly knowledgeable about.

Square Enix also announced that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will launch its closed beta from July 6 to July 13, 2023. The test will be limited to the US and Canada regions, and only Android devices may register for it. Applications will be accepted from June 8 to June 28, 2023. For more details, players can check the official notice on the website.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android.

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