Final Fantasy VI Remake is Desired by a Lot of Square Enix Staff, Says Yoshinori Kitase

Square Enix has been hosting special Final Fantasy 35th-anniversary broadcasts where several developers converse about various topics surrounding the series. In one of the videos, Square Enix vice president Yoshinori Kitase and franchise veteran Hironobu Sakaguchi slightly broached the topic of a potential Final Fantasy VI remake.

Our team’s Ryuji translated the following exchange:

When would you make a Final Fantasy VI remake?

Sakaguchi: Final Fantasy VI, huh?! Mmm, that would be…I mean, the story was initially expressed through pixel art, right? So…recreating that using CG would be quite a daunting task, no?

Kitase: (overlapping speech) Yeah, it would be quite complicated…

Sakaguchi: I mean, when would you even make it? (laughs)

Kitase: Oh no, no, no…we’re not even done with the Final Fantasy VII Remake [project] yet, so… I can’t really think about that right now…

Sakaguchi: Won’t you release it a bit sooner, then?

(They all laugh)

Kitase: I mean, even internally at Square, there are lots of Final Fantasy VI fans. They sometimes end up asking me, “So, when are we remaking 6?” But…it would be complicated at the moment.

TL Note: Due to the overlapping speech, it’s difficult to accurately make out 100% of the conversation, but I can clearly hear Kitase saying words such as “complicated” and the part where they’re not even done with the FF7 Remake.

Thanks to Genki_JPN for sharing this news.

The timestamped segment of the broadcast showing this conversation is viewable below:

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