The Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Soundtrack Exceeds Expectations; It’s Unbelievably Awesome

Square Enix has recently concluded their Pixel Remaster series, a collective effort to modernize the first six mainline Final Fantasy titles by bringing them over to PC and mobile devices with several alterations and enhancements. While these titles have faced their fair share of critique and scrutiny for their questionable font choice and lowered difficulty, the redone soundtracks have been the sole aspect almost universally praised.

Each game’s Pixel Remaster soundtrack has received tons of love from fans, but expectations were understandably high for Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster. This game is one of the most beloved entries in the whole franchise for a plethora of reasons. Of course, its courageous implementation of its antagonist, Kefka, and continually gripping storytelling are at the forefront of that love. However, its soundtrack is arguably on another level entirely.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster 1

The recognizability of Final Fantasy VI’s soundtrack is practically unreal. Granted, it’s not on the same level of recognizability as Final Fantasy VII, but it’s sure nothing to scoff at either. Every RPG fan is bound to have heard the boss theme, standard battle theme, and “Dancing Mad” at some point in their lives. And, well, after spending a good chunk of hours in Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, I’ve been utterly blown away by the quality of these arrangements. I’m not a musical expert by any means, and everyone’s tastes are different, but I’d be willing to bet that most fans will be more than satisfied with the sound quality of Pixel Remaster. There is an undeniable grandiosity to the battle tracks that have just not been fully realized beforehand, granting an altogether distinct ambiance to each encounter. Additionally, the more somber songs such as “Terra’s Theme” hit far more robustly than they ever have prior. Finally, the discernible emotion I’ve felt from each scene has been amplified, making me respect more of this game than I ever have.

Even as someone who is not a particularly big fan of Final Fantasy VI, its soundtrack has always enraptured me, and this iteration is doing wonders. Music is the lifeblood of JRPGs, and this is the first time where a different approach to it has been changing my mind on the game as a whole. Further, I’m finding the actual game itself to be among the peak of the Pixel Remaster effort for various reasons. Still, I’ll refrain from expanding too much ahead of our review, which will likely be coming out sometime next week. What I will say, though, is that if you’ve been refraining from the Pixel Remasters, I think it’s at least worth picking this one up.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster 2

Final Fantasy VI launched on SNES in 1994 and has since received numerous ports. In this adventure, players find themselves on an experience that follows The War of the Magi. A thousand years after those events, humanity has been rebuilt, and a character named Terra appears with mysterious powers. She meets Locke on a mission that helps her escape the Empire.

Special Soundtracks are available for this Pixel Remaster, including:

  • “Locke’s Theme” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “The Decisive Battle” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “Terra’s Theme” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “Searching for Friends” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “Aria di Mezzo Carattere” (Instrumental)

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