Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Delayed To February 2022 Release; Soundtrack & Wallpaper Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Square Enix has announced that the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster has been delayed to release in February 2022. The mobile version was not mentioned in this news, but, likely, it has also been affected. The reasoning for this delay is stated to be so fans can be granted the best possible experience, and the team is working on their finalized polishing efforts.

Additionally, the pre-order bonuses that customers can earn are listed below:

Special Soundtracks

  • “Locke’s Theme” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “The Decisive Battle” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “Terra’s Theme” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “Searching for Friends” (Timelapse Remix)
  • “Aria di Mezzo Carattere” (Instrumental)

Special Wallpapers

  • FF6: 2 types of wallpapers
  • FF1-6: 2 types of pixel remastered series wallpapers

More information regarding these pre-order bonuses and this recently announced delay can be viewed on the title’s official Steam news page. The aforementioned pre-order bonuses will be available during Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster’s launch, whether purchased individually or as part of the FF1-6 Pixel Remaster bundle.

You can view the message from the official Final Fantasy Twitter account sharing the news of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster’s delay below:

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