Final Fantasy V Staff Reflect On Development; Soundtrack & Memorability

Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube channel shared three 2-minute short videos showing Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase with the composer Nobuo Uematsu and developer Hironobu Sakaguchi reflecting on some of Final Fantasy V’s development, alongside two hosts. The videos are all concise, and each focuses on a different topic.

Beginning with video number one, titled “Piano Master.” In this video, the host asks Nobuo Uematsu the inspiration behind the piano tune that softly plays whenever the player reaches a town. According to Uematsu, inspiration was taken from classical music scores such as Beethoven’s Fur Elise after consulting with Yoshinori Kitase.

In the second video, each guest discusses a memorable event they remember from Final Fantasy V. Kitase mentions how the wind drake scene with Krile was one of his most memorable scenes. Kenichi Maeyamada, one of the hosts, also says that the scene where Castle Exdeath’s barrier blows up after the four towers powering it fall was one of his. The next topic was about the soundtrack, with Kitase mentioning that he’s particularly fond of the Ronka Ruins soundtrack, to which Uematsu replies: “That’s a true masterpiece, eh?” before the entire room descends into laughter.

Lastly, in the final video, while there’s not a whole lot of comment from Kitase or Uematsu, one of the hosts mentions the choice of the 12 legendary weapons, and how he chose “Daichi’s Belt,” supposedly out of pity on how weak he was compared to the other party members, to which Sakaguchi laughs.

And that’s it! These were all relatively short videos, and while they didn’t provide any info on the Pixel Remasters, they were at least interesting to watch on some of the staff’s memories from their times with Final Fantasy V.

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You can watch all three videos below:

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