Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Now Available on PC And Mobile

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster on PC -via Steam-, Android and iOS. The new edition of the fifth numbered game in the long-running JRPG series also got a launch trailer. It curiously uses the game’s victory theme, which might be tone-appropriate for a hopefully better quality release than the previous one which is now delisted on all storefronts.

Though the Final Fantasy series has been available since the NES in the West, this is one game that had a slightly sad story behind it. Originally released in Japan for the SNES, Final Fantasy V wasn’t picked for translation due to various circumstances. It wasn’t until the big success of the PS entries that Square reconsidered bringing the older classics over with Final Fantasy V getting its first release in a version that suffered a little with slow loadings.

The game was later rereleased for the GBA getting some new content but with a few audio issues. Then we had a mobile and PC release before this one which had some fans complaining at its sprite art not being so good. This version was delisted with the Pixel Remaster now taking its place. With a newly rearranged soundtrack and new visuals in line with the other Pixel Remasters released this year, it is now the only version available in modern systems.

Final Fantasy V tells the story of the young Bartz, Lenna, Faris and Galuf, who will have to fight together to save the world from impeding doom. Traveling to the crystals’ resting places, they’ll have a dire journey ahead as an ancient menace wakes up. Gameplay-wise, the game expands upon Final Fantasy III’s job system, bringing with it a slew of abilities and the possibility to have one of those even with a different job equipped.

Check out the launch trailer below:

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