Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania & Setting Document Collection Now Available as Japanese E-Books; Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Square Enix has announced that as part of Final Fantasy Type-0’s 10-year anniversary, its Ultimania and Setting Document Collection books are now available digitally as E-books. The former, priced at ¥1,980, contains a plethora of in-game factoids and developer insights. The Setting Document Collection focuses on the title’s, well, setting by highlighting several notable pieces of artwork and the vastness of the Type-0 lore.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is known for having its fair share of Ultimanias, and the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake has also received one. In fact, Kingdom Hearts has had its first localized Ultimania earlier this year, while Final Fantasy VII Remake’s is scheduled to release later this month. While I don’t see either of these Type-0 books receiving official English releases considering its comparative nicheness, it’s certainly in the realm of possibility.

Earlier in October of this year, Square Enix released two separate blog posts discussing the cast and world of Final Fantasy Type-0. The first blog entry talked about the world’s nations, while the second entry discussed the cast at length. Regardless of whether or not Final Fantasy Type-0 is revived in the near future, it’s neat to see it celebrated.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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