Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Potentially Upcoming via Playtest Invitation Reveal

An unexpected playtest invitation reveal from a user on a Final Fantasy Tactics subreddit has brought to light the possibility of a Final Fantasy Tactics revival arriving somewhat soon. The original poster on this subreddit initially believed the playtest invitation was regarding the upcoming Triangle Strategy. Still, as they remark, very deliberate questions were asked about specific Final Fantasy strategy titles like Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and the iOS/Android versions of Final Fantasy Tactics. Interestingly, this playest invitation was sent by Eidos-Montréal.

As out of nowhere as this possibility seems, though, there was a massive NVIDIA Geforce leak last month that had Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster listed. It is, of course, worth noting that NVIDIA labeled these unannounced titles as simply speculative, but with this playtest invitation not so subtly implying an FF Tactics comeback, that NVIDIA leak might have been on the money all along. Other bizarre listings on that leak were rather nonsensical from a speculative lens, such as Chrono Cross Remaster.

Obviously, do not take any of this as confirmation. Even with an image provided by the original poster, there is always the chance that this is all fabricated, or the questions pertaining to Final Fantasy Tactics are purely coincidental. We’re all undoubtedly hoping for the opposite, though. Ogre Battle is also referenced in this playtest invitation.

Thanks to Nibellion on Twitter for bringing attention to this information.

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