Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Shares 20th Anniversary Art by Character Artist Depicting Marche & Montblanc

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Final Fantasy tactical spinoff adventure, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, character artist Ryoma Ito shared a new illustration depicting Marche Radiuju and Montblanc.

In this entry that is not a sequel to the original Final Fantasy Tactics despite the names being similar, students in the city of St. Ivalice find and open an ancient book that whisks them away to the kingdom iteration of Ivalice. The protagonist, Marche, alongside several of his friends, work together to find a way out of this book and back to their home world, though not everyone is on the same page.

In the notable NVIDIA GeForce leak years ago that has been proven to be quite accurate, a remaster of the original Final Fantasy Tactics was listed to be in the works. Additionally, in an interview conducted by the Final Fantasy fansite, Finaland, with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Producer and Director Ichiro Hazama and Masanobu Suzui, the former let it slip that the Final Fantasy Tactics team is “incredibly busy” at the moment. What could that imply? Let’s let our imagination run wild.

Regardless, it’s doubtful that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance would receive a modern port if this leak is to be believed. Unless, of course, a Final Fantasy Tactics collection were to be made. Maybe then, I’ll finally play these titles.

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