After Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Pre-Orders Were Up Exclusively Through Square’s Store Late at Night, They Are Already Unavailable

Following the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series being confirmed for a physical Western launch on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, pre-orders for the standard physical edition and collector’s Anniversary Edition were up soon after.

However, the pre-order availability was initiated at roughly 1 AM Eastern Time, and the pricing is, uh, not great, to put it mildly. To elaborate, the anniversary edition is priced at $259.99, and the standard physical version is $74.99. Further, when taking the cheapest avenue of the Square Enix store’s shipping, the costs eclipsed $300 and $100, respectively.

Needless to say, Square Enix undoubtedly made a slew of blunders here regarding pre-order timing, pricing, and store exclusivity. So naturally, fans aren’t happy, and rightfully so. To be honest, when providing coverage for this physical release as it appeared, I was briefly contemplating pre-ordering the Anniversary Edition, but the over-quarter-a-grand price point made me nope right out.

Unfortunately, while it’s possible that restocks may occur due to fan demand, they will certainly be excruciatingly limited, and the store exclusivity won’t help matters, either. Well, at least they’re launching digitally, so that’s something.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is currently available for mobile devices and Steam. Further, the games will launch for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023.

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