Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Might Come To Consoles If There is Enough Demand

In a recently released Q&A with Square Enix Japan regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, several new pieces of information were revealed. Most notably, it was announced that depending on the severity of demand; there’s potentiality in these titles making their way to other platforms aside from Steam and Mobile.

Personally, this announcement feels needless since there is already a clear demand for these games to be making their way to consoles. In fact, this demand initiated right as the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster was announced. Whenever I see any discussion for these titles, one of the main topics of discussion is their lack of release on consoles. Regardless, all we can do is respectfully express our desire to see these games available on platforms and hope Square Enix abides.

Additionally, the sound of these remasters has been touched upon, with Nobuo Uematsu having rearranged the entirety of the background music and sound effects also being entirely reproduced. New inclusions like the Monster Book, allowing players to register monsters on a list and mark them on the map, and a gallery menu featuring Yoshitaka Amano’s shows an undeniable degree of love is being poured into these remasters. It’s just disappointing to see the lack of care for other platforms.

Thanks, Nibellion, for sharing this translated news.

The Final Fantasy IFinal Fantasy IIand Final Fantasy III Pixel Remasters are releasing on July 28, 2021. There is a bundle available with all six titles for $74.82 with a 22% discount. However, Final Fantasy IV through VI have not received a release date at this time.

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