Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project Releases 25-Minute Video Showcasing Final Fantasy IX Developed in Unreal Engine 5 by Fans

Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project released the full video for their project that began in 2021 and was led by a group of passionate developers to recreate Final Fantasy IX in Unreal Engine 5.

Up until now, the team has been releasing various GIFs and short videos showing what they’ve created. The project is unplayable and meant to only showcase what the game could look like if it was remastered and released on modern platforms.

Further, viewers get the chance to hear voice-acted lines, which include a voice for Vivi. It’s a childlike direction for the character, which mirrors his curiosity and lack of knowledge of the world around him.

It’s been rumored that Square Enix is developing Final Fantasy IX remake, but at this time, there’s been no formal reveal of this project. It might be wise for Square Enix to take some cues from this release.

Final Fantasy IX was released on PlayStation in 2000 and was meant as a way for the developers to say goodbye to the chibi-like characters of classic Final Fantasy entries. The game features a unique cast of characters and an adventure that spans the entire world.

We’ll keep you updated on any new developments, but please sit back and watch this video. It’s a good one:

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