Final Fantasy IX is Back: The Classic JRPG is Out Now on Switch, Xbox One, and PC

The classic JRPG, Final Fantasy IX, is available today on Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The release is followed closely by Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy, which will be launching on March 20 on Switch and PS4, and Final Fantasy VII releasing digitally on March 26 on Switch and Xbox One for $20.99.

Originally released back on July 7, 2000 for PlayStation, Final Fantasy IX tells a tale filled with love, war, magic, and self-discovery that hits you right in the feels. With Final Fantasy IX now on Switch and Xbox One, more newcomers and Final Fantasy IX fanatics (like me) alike can experience legendary moments with thief Zidane, mage Vivi, princess Garnet, and so many other incredible characters.

For the new release on both the Switch and Xbox One, it comes with plenty of modern enhancements, like high-definition cutscenes (there are so many beautiful cutscenes in the game!) and character models, an auto-save function, and much more.

Final Fantasy IX was first re-released in 2016 on Steam and then on PS4 in 2017.

Go on a little adventure by watching the launch trailer for the game below:

Author’s take: If you own a Switch and/or an Xbox One, do yourself a favor and get Final Fantasy IX. You won’t regret it, trust me. 

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Brad Crespo

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