Final Fantasy IX Character Designer Working on Illustration for Game in Development; Can’t Talk About It

Final Fantasy IX Character Designer Working on Illustration for Game in Development; Can’t Talk About It

Recently, YouTuber Paolo fromTOKYO uploaded a magnificent video showcasing his brief conversations with various Japanese gaming staff comprising illustration work. Of the numerous individuals shown throughout the video, one of the most significant is who fans have quickly identified as Toshiyuki Itahana, the character designer of Final Fantasy IX.

Itahana stated that he is working on a character illustration for a game currently in the middle of development and that he can’t show or discuss it. This response has been causing quite a stir within the general Final Fantasy gaming community since, in the NVIDIA GeForce leak from the last year, Final Fantasy IX Remake was listed as arriving at some point down the line.

And this leak has proven to be pretty accurate so far, with titles like Chrono Cross Remaster and Kingdom Hearts IV ending up confirmed. Of course, some games have not yet surfaced. Still, this leaked list is undoubtedly still worthy of further speculation.

It’s also worth mentioning the Final Fantasy IX animated series currently in production. We still know little about this project, but with this series in the works, it’s clear that Final Fantasy IX’s relevancy has been heightening.

Moreover, in an interview with RPG Site for Final Fantasy IX’s 20-year anniversary in 2020, Itahana stated the following:

“Final Fantasy IX is loved by the fans, but it’s also very loved by us, the development team. I would be delighted if, respecting the wishes of the original development team, there could one day be the opportunity to continue the story of Final Fantasy IX, which meant so much to all of us.”

A Final Fantasy IX sequel is yearned for by Itahana based on his statements above. Of course, it’s worth emphasizing that all of this is simply speculation, and he could not be working on anything related to Final Fantasy IX at all. The possibility of revisiting this world is seeming shockingly plausible, though.

Thanks to Twitter user Genki_JPN for sharing this noteworthy news.

You can view the timestamped video showing Itahana below:

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