New Final Fantasy Arranged Album by Nobuo Uematsu Announced; November 2022 Release

Square Enix has announced that they will be launching a new Final Fantasy arranged soundtrack titled “Modulation.” Totaling ten tracks and costing ¥4,950, and releasing on November 9, 2022, fans can look forward to hearing assuredly stellar arrangements performed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

The confirmed tracks for this album are listed below, though the package may alter in contents depending on if there are any unexpected developments with the recording process:

  • “Main Theme – Matoya’s Cave” – Final Fantasy I
  • “Battle Theme 2” – Final Fantasy II
  • “Battle at the Big Bridge” – Final Fantasy V
  • “To Zanarkand” – Final Fantasy X
  • “Eternal Wind” – Final Fantasy III
  • “Bran Bal, Soulless Village” – Final Fantasy IX
  • “Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV” – Final Fantasy IV
  • “Terra’s Theme” – Final Fantasy VI
  • “Opening – Bombing Mission” – Final Fantasy VII
  • “Blue Fields” – Final Fantasy VIII

You can pre-order this arranged soundtrack via Square Enix Japan.

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Final Fantasy XVI trailer is releasing for PlayStation 5 in Summer 2023.

Earlier this year, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida stated that he hopes that this experience will reignite the passion old fans used to have for this series. He also states that this is a game for those who have realized reality isn’t kind to you, setting the title’s assuredly bleak tone.

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