Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Distant Worlds Coral Live CD Releasing This Month; 21 Tracks & 2 Discs

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Distant Worlds Coral Live CD Releasing This Month; 21 Tracks & 2 Discs

Square Enix has announced that pre-orders for the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Distant Worlds Coral Live CD are now available via their North American storefront for $39.99. The music contained within these two discs originates from an August 2022 Japan concert. Shipments are expected to occur later this month.

The credited musicians are as follows:

  • Conductor: Arnie Roth
  • Performed by: New Japan Philharmonic
  • Choir: Barzz ~ Chorus of game music specialists
  • Soloists: Emiko Shiratori / RIKKI
  • Guest: Nobuo Uematsu

The list of the included music tracks is viewable below:

Disc 1

  • Final Fantasy I~III: Medley 2002
  • Final Fantasy III: Eternal Wind
  • Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings ~ Kingdom of Baron
  • Final Fantasy IV: Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV
  • Final Fantasy V: Home, Sweet Home ~ Music Box
  • Final Fantasy: A New World
  • Final Fantasy VI: Phantom Forest ~ Phantom Train ~ The Veldt
  • Final Fantasy VI: Kids Run Through the City
  • Final Fantasy I~VI: Battle Medley 2022

Disc 2

  • Final Fantasy: Liberi Fatali
  • Final Fantasy: Ragnarok
  • Final Fantasy: Aerith’s Theme
  • Final Fantasy: Flash of Steel
  • Final Fantasy: SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?)
  • Final Fantasy: Blinded by Light
  • Final Fantasy: A Place to Call Home ~ Melodies Of Life
  • Final Fantasy: Torn from the Heavens
  • Final Fantasy Main Theme with Choir -The Definitive Orchestral Arrangement-
  • Final Fantasy X: Zanarkand
  • Final Fantasy VII: One-Winged Angel

You can pre-order the album now.

The package’s art is viewable below:

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