Dark Puzzle Adventure ‘Filthy Us: Complete Edition’ Coming West This Month

MediaBang announced they will publish the Game Logic Studio-developed Filthy Us: Complete Edition on PC via GOG on October 30, 2023. Strangely, due to complicated publishing rights, the Complete Edition will not be available on Steam.

The Complete Edition of the game will feature all game and story updates, including new graphics and English language support.

The game begins with an enigmatic character gripping a shattered fragment of a Buddha statue with a fierce determination. This intense emotion draws the interest of a force known as “The Nothingness.” As players delve further into the storyline, they will unravel the unsettling case of an entire family’s arson murder that occurred a decade ago. Was it a mere accident, or is there something concealed behind this enigmatic Buddha statue? In this world filled with unresolved grievances, there lie undiscovered secrets waiting to be unearthed.

We’ll keep you updated on the western release of Filthy Us: Complete Edition.

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