Puzzle Platformer ‘FILMECHANISM’ Surprise Launch on PC and Switch

Publisher Phoenixx Games has announced that that the Chemical Pudding-developed puzzle adventure FILMECHANISM is available now on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch Switch.

The surprise launch was revealed during the Japanese Nintendo Indie World showcase, but the game is available in English.

During gameplay, players assume the role of Rec, a camera humanoid looking for their lost gold film canister. Players will need to record the position of blocks, doors, and traps, to restore them to progress. There are many obstacles in the way across the game’s 200 levels and six worlds, which are all realized in a Game Boy Color-inspired design. Each stage contains pushing blocks and multiple gimmicks to use. While that’s a traditional element in the genre, the game offers a special mechanic about saving and loading the state of the world around you.

“We wanted to make a puzzle platformer that would both be something you could relax and enjoy, while challenging those who like to conquer difficult tasks,” said Tarrcake, indie game developer and founder of Chemical Pudding. “We’d like to thank the testers who had to wrack their brains to try and solve what became the Hell levels in FILMECHANISM! Good luck!”

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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