Spectacle Fighter ‘Fight Crab 2’ Announces PC Steam Early Access February 2024

Spectacle Fighter ‘Fight Crab 2’ Announces PC Steam Early Access February 2024

Playism announced that the Calappa Games-developed over-the-top fighter Fight Crab 2 will enter early access on PC via Steam on February 13, 2024. A brief gameplay trailer was shared alongside this news.

The following languages will be featured:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese

Fight Crab 2 is a direct sequel to Fight Crab, where players must flip their opponent over on their back to win. The newest feature is a career mode where players can raise their own crap to use in online multiplayer matches.

The multiplayer will have ranked and casual options for one-on-one matches in rooms housing up to five players. Plus, room matches can have their own custom house rules. Weapons include knives, chainsaws, motorcycles, drills, jet boosters, and even Excalibur.

Moreover, whenever you take damage in battle, you’ll be able to use spells from the filled Crab Gauge. Skills will be plentiful, as well. Of the over 40 types, “Automatic Skills support your crab’s movement, Visualize Skills add more information to the HUD, and Hyper Skills let you unleash ultimate moves by striking a cool pose, just to name a few.”

Further, a “Modern” control option has been added to make the game resemble a more typical third-person action game. Lastly, live commentary is also broadcast over every game as an extra way to keep players on the same page. Crabs can also now learn skills that let them perform certain actions automatically.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Fight Crab 2.

You can view the Fight Crab 2 early access trailer below:

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