FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team Aims to Make the Season Less Stressful and More Rewarding

Would I consider myself the biggest fan of football? No, not really. Mostly because I suck at it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t put up a good match during a game of FIFA. With EA’s newest entry in the series, FIFA 20, the developer has a lot to prove in terms of its offerings to returning players, but also to the community who see the series as a cash grab.

After going hands-on with FIFA 20 for a few hours, I can say that the team has put a lot of their time into getting the mechanics and systems of the game just right. However, focus on the FUT 20 features is what the developer has put most of their time into. While we can’t speak on the game’s microtransactions or paid subscriptions at this time, since we have no knowledge about them, we can share what we learned about the game’s new features.

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After FIFA 19, the developer went back to the table to think about what they wanted to bring into the game based on community feedback. Their goal was to make it more accessible because they felt that players found the game to be stressful. FIFA 20’s campaign contains new players and rankings that have been optimized to get better teams and chemistry for someone just starting out. Season Objectives can be found on the hub, which will create new things for the player to do each day. They’re also introducing Group goals that have a few different requirements across multiple objectives that offer higher rewards.

Season rewards are also offered to the player and are based on a six-week system. Completing objectives will give players XP and push them along tiers. This is purely an engagement system that unlocks the more you play. With that said, someone who only plays once or twice a week will easily see progress every time they play as the system was approached with these players in mind.

Players can choose their rewards based on tiers created by the developer. The team found that core players want things to strive for throughout the entire year. So they’ve introduced milestones in FIFA 20 that are objectives that can take the whole year to complete such as completing 100 different types of objectives. This will also reward players with unique items that can’t be acquired any other way so they can show off their accomplishments.

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The developer is offering a ton of different customization options for players in terms of allowing them to alter the field they play on and customize their team. This is also meant to be a fun and silly addition, such as including a dabbing unicorn in the stands. However, players will need to complete objectives in order to gain access to these items.

One other thing EA did with FIFA 20 was make The Squad menu a little more easy and accessible. Through feedback, they could see where people became confused or stuck. They’ve consolidated The Squad menu to make it easier to read and customize for players who didn’t like diving through the menus.

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Additional features include the developer’s attention to the game’s social aspect. Titled Fut Friends, players can now use a robust stat tracking tool that tracks all the scores and records between two friends who often play against each other across different modes. Players will also be able to max out chemistry in this mode that lets you create a team of any characters.

Another mode players can enjoy together is Swaps. This is where players will have three members on each team randomly swapped with the other team’s members. There’s also King of the Hill where players must stand on a square on the field and the player will need to stay inside of the square to rack up a timed score, then go in and score a goal to get points. There’s also the Mystery Ball mode where the ball changes attributes during play that does things like boosts speed or dribbling.

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has been redesigned with the player in mind. While the new additions to the game might make things more accessible to new players, there is still the idea that loot boxes which come with higher stat players might have an overall effect on the game. However, it seems that the developers are doing what they can to create a system where players who spend even a few hours a week in the game will feel like they’ve gotten somewhere with the game’s objectives.

FIFA 20 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 27.

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