Fibbage 4 Coming To Jackbox Party Pack 9 This Fall

Jackbox Games made a presence at PAX this year, and they announced that Fibbage 4 is coming this fall in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 with brand new features and modes, including a mode called Fibbage Fan Questions, where fans can submit their own crazy facts to be included in this brand new entry of the Fibbage series of games.

The developers mention the following will be in Fibbage 4:

  • Everyone’s favorite trivia host, Cookie Masterson (voiced by Tom Gottlieb).
  • The Fibbage Enough About You mode will return! This is the mode where all the questions relate to you and your friends.
  • New mode: Cookie’s VHS Vault, with video clips from the craziest old movies we could find (under Cookie’s bed)
  • New mode: Fibbage Fan Questions, with bizarre stories told on video by the real Fibbage fans that lived them.
  • More question categories! For reference; Fibbage 3 had “It’s Time to Look At This,” “Celebrity Social Media,” and “Russian Question.”
  • An all-new Final Fibbage!
  • Themed episodes!
  • New audience features!
  • Updated moderation tools for streamers!

Fibbage is the irreverent bluffing game from the long-running Jackbox Party Pack series. Players get a true fact with a keyword or phrase blanked out. Players enter lies that fit the blank to fool the other players. You get points for spotting the actual truth and tricking people with your lie. Did you know that a woman found a wedding ring on a…carrot!? The most absurd trivia questions come together!

In Fibbage Enough About You, all players answer a question about themselves truthfully. Then, everyone’s questions get shuffled, and the other players must come up with lies that will make people pick those responses.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Fibbage 4 here: 

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